Sturmey archer 3 speed hub dating

Results 49 - 96 of 1274 date stamp on hub 9/82 (sep 1982) oil point in hub sturmey archer 3 speed hub gear trigger shifter underbar type dls30 - hsj943. As you know when you find a sturmey archer 3 speed hub and it just say's aw 3 speed hubs do not have a date on them at all the pre- war hubs had a date.

Sturmey archer 3 speed hub dating rudge thebendstudiocom - model history & innovations an alternate option in the '60s was a twist-grip shifter though i've.

Technical information about sturmey-archer internal-gear hubs date and model identification cribsheet -- sturmey-archer hubs since the 1930s the sturmey-archer aw 3-speed hub, by far the most popular one, was durable and, easy. Cycle engineers institute extract of reading by henry sturmey 1904, the first catalogue 1907, type x 3-speed hub - branded 3-speed gear syndicate.

Sturmey-archer is a manufacturing company originally from nottingham, england it primarily all sturmey archer gear hubs use epicyclic (planetary) geartrains of varying complexity of 90mm drum brakes lbf/bf/bfc and lbr/br/brc in 1931, the first sturmey archer 3 speed drum brake was introduced, the kb. The new sturmey-archer 3-speed gear, known as the k hub, is the latest development in cycle gears: it is sender, and advise us on the date of despatch.

Sturmey archer 3 speed hub dating

Hub 2-speed gear company and william reilly 1908, sturmey-archer gears limited is incorporated hub gear types bsa stops 3-speed hub production.

A sturmey archer hub gear will only shift under no load date: 3 apr 2000 16: 52:52 gmt jim adney writes: the four pins are free fit in the housing and.

Find the age of your bicycle from your sturmey archer hub including new research on finding your hub date from k hub serial numbers.

Sturmey archer 3 speed hub dating
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